Friday, July 23, 2021

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About aims to equip small business owners with the right digital tools needed to grow and scale their businesses. Small businesses are at the core of our existence; therefore, we create contents, resources, tips, and digital tools to help small business owners improve their operations and make more revenue.

A brief about me..

Victor Akujuo

I’m Victor Akujuo, the founder of, and digital marketing consultant at Vassion Media. I’m also the author of WhatsApp Sales Funnel Blueprint, an ebook for small business owners seeking sales on WhatsApp.

I am passionate about business growth & marketing and have helped a lot of businesses scale and increase revenue through my digital marketing expertise.

I’m currently helping lots of brands in growth marketing and content writing, most of which are not for free.

You can reach me via: [email protected]

Who Small Scale Biz is for? is for entrepreneurs and independent small business owners passionate about growing their business both online and online. We are focused on providing timely tools, techniques, and resources to help small businesses grow their revenue and sales.

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